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Thread: Let us know when the site is going to be down!

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    Default Let us know when the site is going to be down!

    The forums have been down for a few weeks, which is fine, it happens.

    But how about when it DOES happen, someone in the know goes on the Lostpedia page and makes some kind of announcement letting people know when it is going to be back up, or why it went down in the first place?
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    Good idea. There were a few of us communicating via Facebook and This site:http://www.dinasaurhedcult.com/forums/forum.php

    But all we had was guesses and no way of contacting anyone else. I suggest everyone sign up for that other forum just in case this one goes down. Gilli runs it and is active so he won't let THAT one go away.

    I thought about a fb group too, but that means people have to communicate with real names.

    I like your idea, though.

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    I agree. I was lucky enough to find the e-mail to one admin. And contacted him, and he should check it out. For all I know, he (plkrtn) fixed it and he said it was simply a minor issue.

    Does anyone have real contact or emails to admins or other moderators?

    I wouldn't mind having a Facebook group, but I can see why some would.

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