If you havent already seen the blog
i am in need of a skilled writer who will be willing to help me out
i have an idea for the flashback story but i am not very confident of it
so i thought that i would open this portion of the game up to you all
if you have already played the demo then you know that the main character
has lost his memory
so the way that he is going to remember is through flashbacks
that is where you come in
write an original flashback story for the main character in my game
you will be credited when the final build is released
i expect greatness because you are all lost fans and greatness is what is to be expected
just submit your entries to my E-mail at Jackpumpkinhead@writeme.com
all submissions must be sent by Friday October 19th
and to avoid ruining the flashback story for anyone who wants to learn through the game please do not post your submissions here
on Friday October 19th i will announce who is the winner
so happy writing