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Thread: Gnaveen & Gnadia the Travelling Gnomes [closed to new recipients]

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    and awww that yellow bus

    I would have gone with you to the end, into the very fires of Mordor
    Thanks Kitty and Curby

    Wears a pink blindfold for RSF

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    Quote Originally Posted by taylor lee View Post
    I think what he means is you should have the traits of that girl your guy friend might admire and like you more that way

    Alright, 'fess up--do you know where Gnaveen is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredcar View Post
    Fredcar where are you, you are my hero!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gilson56 View Post
    wow i like this post...
    You like your first post at LP in a closed participant thread?

    Just 999 more to go to the 1,000th Post Thread!

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    There's too much banning to do here!

    <3 shirin <3
    من شیرین را دوست دارم

    "There is nothing now, or ever has been, in this galaxy, or any other universes, both tangible and parallel, that could ever come within a 6 inch pole of being compared to, or uttered in the same sentence, as the majestic perfectedness that is MMJ" - LoG

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